How to do ssh login to push/pull code on bitbucket

Hey everyone 😀  Tonight (11:43 pm) I am writing this blog post for those who find difficulty in ssh login on bitbucket and also for those who loves learn new thinsgs.

    Please follow the steps to add ssh key into bitbucket account to solve your issue.
    1. Open git bash terminal and enter the command ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your email address"
    2. Enter passphrase (leave it blank) and enter
    3. Enter the same phrase again (leave it blank) and enter
    4. Copy the file content from where it is residing in your system
      1. For Windows:- C:\Users\username.ssh
      2. For Mac:- /Users/UserName(Account Name)
    5. Login to bitbucket account 
      1. Click top right-most user icon -> bitbucket settings -> ssh keys under security menu 
      2. Paste into key-field and save it. 
    6. Restart your git bash terminal and now you are able to push your work, clone others work and pull your repos✌


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