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Regex 101: An Introduction to Regular Expressions for Developers

Regular expressions (regex) are a powerful tool for searching and manipulating text. They allow you to describe patterns of characters that you want to match, rather than specifying every possible combination of characters. In this blog, we will go over some common regex operations and provide examples for each one. Matching a literal string: regex: hello will match the string "hello". Matching any character: regex: . will match any single character. Matching a set of characters: regex: [aeiou] will match any single vowel. Matching a range of characters: regex: [a-z] will match any single lowercase letter. Matching a negated set of characters: regex: [^aeiou] will match any single non-vowel character. Matching zero or one occurrence: regex: a? will match either the string "a" or an empty string. Matching zero or more occurrences: regex: a* will match any string that contains zero or more "a" characters. Matching one or more occurrences: regex: a+ will matc

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