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Amazing Strings

Given 3 Strings, check whether the 3rd string contains all the characters of strings 1 and 2 in any order. If all the characters are present, print "YES" otherwise print "NO". There should not be any extra character and any missing character. The string s contains uppercase Latin letters only. Input format : Line 1 : First String Line 2 : Second String Line 3 : Third String Output format : YES or NO Constraints : 1 <= n (Length of 1st & 2nd Strings) <= 100 Sample Input 1 : SANTACLAUS DEDMOROZ SANTAMOROZDEDCLAUS Sample Output 1 : YES Sample Input 2 : PAPAINOEL JOULUPUKKI JOULNAPAOILELUPUKKI Sample Output 2 : NO Sample Input 3 : BABBONATALE FATHERCHRISTMAS BABCHRISTMASBONATALLEFATHER Sample Output 3 : NO Sample Output Explanation : Output 1: the letters written in the last line can be used to write the names and there won't be any extra letters left. Output 2: Letter "P" is missing and there's an extra letter "L" Output 3: There&#

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