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Setup MongoDB statefulset on AWS Fargate

Hi everyone I am Manshu Sharma and today we will see how can we deploy the mongoDB on AWS fargate as a  statefulset  with help of the mongoDB community operator but before we start let's have a quick overview of two important terms statefulset,   stateful application . What actually statefulset is in Kubernetes? StatefulSet is a Kubernetes resource used to manage stateful applications and It manages the scaling , ordering and uniqueness of each pod. It requires headless service and we are responsible for creating this service. What actually is stateful applications? Stateful applications are those programs that save client data from the activities of one session for use in the next session. Consider it as an ongoing periodic conversation with the same person. Some examples of stateful applications are MySQL,    MongoDB, FTP server,  Redis Cache, Kafka  and any Login service that stores client authentication data on the server, labelling clients as having a “connected” or “discon

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