Django basic cli commands cheatsheet

Hey everyone, I would like to share some basic Django commands which every Django developer should know. Basically, I created this for my Django projects but later thought it would be good to share it with you guys 😎. 

CLI Commands
  1. Install Django:- python -m pip install Django
  2. Start Project:- django-admin startproject PROJECT_NAME
  3. Create app:- python startapp APP_NAME
  4. Run server:- python runserver
  5. Migrate:- python migrate
  6. Make Migration:- python makemigrations APP_NAME
  7. Create super user:- python createsuperuser -> Provide email(, username(example) and password(passwd)
  8. Interact with Shell:- python shell

Hope you enjoyed my blog post.😎
Let me know in the comments below if you face any problem.


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