How to pass parameters in webhook?

Hey everyone 😊, Today I want to share another interesting thing which I found in StackOverflow and that is how to pass parameters in webhook. Those who don't know about webhook I advise you to google about it before going further reading. 

So for demonstration purpose, I am going to use Jenkins and Generic Webhook plugin. I created a job and called it testing and select Generic Webhook  Trigger.

Thereafter I add Request Parameter  and in the request parameter I added the name of the request which is name

Thereafter I added a token to specify that this job can only be triggered.

After this, I select Execute Shell from Build  and write the following code 

After doing this add webhook URL in bitbucket repository or  GitHub repository with the parameter. The URL is look something like this 

Webhook URL:- https://[YOUR_JENKINS_URL]/generic-webhook-trigger/invoke?token=trigger&name=Svastikkka

 The configuration will something like this

After saving my webhook configuration I trigger my webhook by pushing code in the repository and finally, the result will something like this.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post.😎


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