Chef vs Doof Problem Code: CLLCM

Chef got into a fight with the evil Dr Doof. Dr Doof has decided to destroy all even numbers from the universe using his Evil-Destroy-inator. Chef has  integers with him. To stop Doof, Chef has to find an odd number which is an integer multiple of all  numbers that he has with him. Find if it is possible for Chef to prevent Dr Doof from destroying the even numbers.

Formally, given  positive integers, find if there exists an odd number which is an integer multiple of all the given  numbers. If yes, print "YES", otherwise "NO". You can print any letter in any case.


  • First line contains , number of testcases. Each testcase consists of  lines.
  • The first line of each test case consists of a positive integer , denoting the number of positive integers Chef has.
  • The second line of each test case contains  space separated integers each denoting an integer that Chef has with him.


For every test case, if there exists such an odd number, print "YES" on a separate line, otherwise "NO". The judge is case insensitive. That means, your code can print any letter in any case ( "Yes", "yes" or "YES" are all accepted).


Sample Input

1 2 5 4 3

Sample Output



For test : There exists no odd number.

For test : The possible odd numbers can be , , , , …


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