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Essentially a growth hacker is a marketer with creative ideas, analytical skills, and a bit of a coding knowledge also  Growth hacker must be a pro in social networking, blog writing, content, UI/UX, viral marketing, SEO, research, and analytics but here is the question arises “what is the primary difference in between Growth hacker and Digital marketer ?” Digital marketing is a brand and positioning of a corporate while growth hacking involves the process of rapid prototyping and testing of different tactics/ideas.
So now we have a better idea that what is a growth hacker. What a growth hacker actually plays their role in the corporates. Here are the eight essential skillsets required to be a growth hacker 


  1. Programming:- You don’t need to be a great in programming just a basic understanding of programming concepts. The most important reason for this is so you can experiment with different things on a website without having to rely on a developer at any stage of the process. For example, if you have a basic knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS & JS ) then it helps you to understand that what are things working in your website or what are things not working in your website. You don’t need to rely on a developer at any stage of the process.
  2. Design skills:- Another skillset you don’t need to be a master in it just a basic design conceptual understanding will be enough for you to understand the design phases and things that are required to be done in design. Like Is information display in an effective and appealing manner on a website. For success, you need to think like a consumer  & how he/she reacts to the information you are providing through the website. If you can do this and make design changes in accordance with this, you’ll be on the path to a successfully performing website. 
  3. SEO:-  Now having a great looking website that has all the components to grow your business but what if no-one can actually find it; which is where SEO or search engine optimization skills come for. You should have knowledge of Technical SEO to engage your performance in the internet platform. 
  4. Copywriting :- Soon you release the essentiality of content & content is king for google eye whether it’s new landing pages to target fresh search terms, fantastic blog posts or larger content marketing projects to be featured on external blogs and publications, you need to have a strong set of writing skills to achieve the high standard required.
  5. Connection:- Another important skillset, To grow your business you need to come in front of people’s eyes to showcase yourself (Product/Service)  like said “JOO DIKHTA HAI VO  HI BIKTA HAI”. 
  6. Marketing:- Another skillset which is called marketing, there are a number of ways marketing can be used successfully. One of the way is, developing your own profiles through regular updates with engaging and insightful content to paid advertising to get you in front of an even larger audience which  is come under in social media marketing
  7. Analytics knowledge:- As a growth hacker you will need to understand this information and what to do with it. With solid analytics knowledge, you will instantly identify what is working and where improvements can be made, therefore using the data analytics trigger ongoing growth.
  8. Experimental testing  :- This is the skillset which is growth hacking is all about experimentation that is used to make improvements across marketing funnels, product development, sales process, and other areas of a business that yield growth.

 Real-time examples of growth hacker 

There are many companies that started their company as a startup and soon become a billion-dollar company with the help of growth hacking skillsets. Here are some examples of growth companies. 
Here we take a few company's examples. So Let’s get started.

  1. Dollar Shave Club:- Dollar Shave Club used a video to promote its service of sending people new razor blades monthly for just $1. The video went viral, quickly gaining 19 million views and making the company a household name. You can see the video, which is now at more than 25 million views, below: Link:-
  2. Dropbox:- Another famous company called dropbox Dropbox is another company known for creative growth hacks, which is why it’s listed in our roundup of growth hacking strategies. Dropbox gamified its onboarding process, offering existing users more free storage for linking their Dropbox account to Twitter and Facebook, and sharing information about Dropbox on those social sites. That was a free way to get new users and to grow exponentially.
  3. LinkedIn:- These days, if you’ve got a job – or are planning to look for one – you’ve probably got a LinkedIn account. But it wasn’t always that way. Keeping in touch with former work colleagues, and getting referrals and recommendations from them, wasn’t that simple. LinkedIn changed that and then used its assets to drive growth.

As you see how companies hack traditional way marketing invent new ways of growth. We mention just a few ones you can google more related examples to this topic.


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